Saitama Institute of Technology will cooperate by operating a self-driving bus for the "Get to know, learn, and benefit from Shibusawa Eiichi" Self-Driving Bus Tour, an event to commemorate the issuance of the new 2024 yen bill, to be held by Fukaya Sightseeing Bus Co., Ltd. on Wednesday, July 7rd, Saturday, July 3th, and Sunday, July 6th, 7.

 To coincide with the issue of the new 2024 yen note on July 7, 3 and the 7th Fukaya Tanabata Festival to be held in Fukaya City from July 5th (Friday) to 7th (Sunday), Fukaya Sightseeing Bus will be holding a tour called ``Get to know, learn about, and benefit from Shibusawa Eiichi on an autonomous bus'', which will take visitors on an autonomous bus to places associated with Shibusawa Eiichi, the ``face'' of the new 74 yen note.

 Saitama Institute of Technology will cooperate with the operation of this tour by providing an autonomous bus (9m long, Rainbow II) developed by the Saitama Institute of Technology Autonomous Driving Technology Development Center. The tour will run for three days, July 7rd (Wed), 3th (Sat), and 6th (Sun), with two trips per day departing at 7am and 3pm each day. The course departs from Fukaya City Hall and visits the Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Museum, Nakanoya House, Kashima Shrine, and Odaka Atsutada's birthplace. The tour has a capacity of 9 people and costs 1 yen (including souvenirs).

 In conjunction with the 2021th NHK Taiga drama "Seiten wo Tsuke," which began airing in February 3, a bus called "Rongo no Sato" (The Village of the Analects of Confucius) was operated from near Fukaya Station to the village of the Analects of Confucius, which is associated with Eiichi Shibusawa. The bus service ended when the drama ended, but in response to numerous requests from people wanting to ride an autonomous bus, a special bus will be operated this time.

 In addition, Saitama Institute of Technology's self-driving bus is also scheduled to appear in the parade celebrating the issuance of the new 7 yen note, to be held by Fukaya City from 14:11 to 12:XNUMX on Sunday, July XNUMXth.

reference:[Saitama Institute of Technology] Our university's self-driving bus will cooperate in the event commemorating the issuance of the new 10,000 yen banknote in memory of Eiichi Shibusawa

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