Toyo Eiwa University is planning to reorganize its current two faculties and four departments into one faculty and three departments, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Department of General Psychology, Department of Child Education, and Department of International Studies), in April 2026. (The establishment plan is tentative and subject to change.)

 The new Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (tentative name, currently under construction) will have three departments: General Psychology, Child Education, and International Studies (all tentative names, currently under construction). Based on a liberal arts education, students will deepen their expertise while learning to act independently and get involved in the field, and will establish a foundation for continuing to learn and act after graduation.

 The Department of Comprehensive Psychology (tentative name, currently under construction) aims to understand the human mind and behavior in general from a wide range of perspectives. This will deepen understanding of interpersonal relationships, society, and culture, and explore the possibilities of modern society through interdisciplinary educational content. In addition to psychology, courses in related fields are also planned to be established.

 The Department of Child Education (tentative name, currently under construction) aims to go beyond the framework of obtaining qualifications and licenses as a childcare worker or kindergarten teacher, and to equip students with advanced skills and knowledge to deal with the declining birthrate and the diversification of the environment surrounding children. It trains childcare workers and professionals who support a wide range of social activities with a focus on children, such as infant care for families with various backgrounds and welfare needs, and places for children to hang out and play in the community.

 The Department of International Studies (tentative name, establishment under consideration) will provide students with an understanding of the structure and realities of an increasingly chaotic international society and an increasingly diversifying Japanese society, as well as a learning program that places emphasis on practicing communication with people from different social and cultural backgrounds. It will cultivate individuals who, with a view to coexistence and collaboration with a variety of people, can take the initiative to build a society in which no one is left behind.

 The school also plans to introduce an interdisciplinary program that will allow students to study subjects in different fields beyond their departments and courses. By providing a more fulfilling educational environment, the school aims to cultivate people who embody the school's founding spirit of "reverence for God and service" and develop a liberal arts education based on Christianity.

Reference: Toyo Eiwa University: 2026 faculty, 4 departments to be structured from April 1 (under planning)

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