Nagoya University of Commerce will hold a special quota entrance exam for women for the Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of International Studies, in the 2025 entrance exam. The quota is six students. In addition, students will be eligible for the International Dormitory Scholarship, which allows students to live in the international dormitory at a low cost.

 Nagoya University of Commerce is not just studying the language, but is also deepening its understanding of communication in English and diverse values ​​in pursuit of true internationalism. By establishing a new quota for female students, the university aims to create an environment in which a greater variety of students can learn together and to nurture talented individuals who can thrive in a creative world.

 Applicants for the women's special quota entrance exam must be graduating from high school or secondary school in March 2024 or expected to graduate in March 3, and have Nagoya University of Commerce as their first choice. In addition, they must have an interest in foreign languages ​​and international cultures, aim to play an active role in the global society in the future, and have English proficiency of CEFR A2025 or higher. After completing the online entry, applications can be made between Monday, September 3nd and Friday, March 2st, and selection will be made based on a document review (school report and essay assignment) and an interview.

 Nagoya University of Commerce also provides 900 international dormitories with furniture and appliances, laying the foundation for a safe and comfortable student life for new students from all over the world. If you pass the entrance exam and are selected as an international dormitory scholarship student, you will be granted a scholarship of up to 48 yen per year, and if you use this, you can live in the dormitory for as little as 1 yen per month. Students who pass the special entrance exam for women can also apply, and it can be used by students from Aichi Prefecture as well as those from far away places both in Japan and abroad.

Reference: Nagoya University of Commerce: Establishment of a special quota for female students for the 2025 entrance examination for the Faculty of International Studies

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