Professor Takayuki Teshigawara's seminar at Chiba University of Commerce's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Keisei Store of the Keisei Group will work together to launch a "Generation Z-produced sales area" at the Libre Kitchen Kounodai store from Thursday, July 2024, 7.

 Teshigahara Seminar is based on the idea of ​​social work and conducts research activities on regional revitalization. They have a strong track record of initiatives that lead to the resolution of regional issues such as the decline of regional communities due to low birth rates and an aging population, and product development using ingredients produced in Chiba Prefecture with the theme of SDGs.

 The "Generation Z Produced Sales Floor," an industry-academia collaboration, aims to develop new markets and business opportunities at Keisei Store by incorporating the inclinations and behavioral patterns of Generation Z, such as "solid financial sense," "avoidance of failure," and "emphasis on time performance." Through on-site business experience, students will have the opportunity to put into practice the theories they learned at university, and together they will create appeal for the local area.

 The sales floor will be managed by a total of 3 third and fourth year students from Teshigahara's seminar. The first joint project will be a gummy candy sales floor, where the students will evaluate the taste, texture, and packaging, and will also participate in product selection, handwritten pop-ups, original promotional material planning, PR for recommended points, and sales floor creation. After that, they will continue to change the theme of the sales floor, and will also work on developing products that utilize local products.

Reference: Chiba University of Commerce: Chiba University of Commerce Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences x Keisei Store develops "Generation Z Produced Sales Floor"

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