Atsumi University (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) is aiming to open a Faculty of Media Arts (tentative name) in 2026, and has been selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for the University and College of Technology Strengthening Support Project. This will be a science faculty that combines the arts and sciences by combining data science and media art, and full-scale preparations for the opening of the new faculty have begun with the support of a fund established by the government.

 According to Atsumi University, the Faculty of Media and Arts will be composed of one department, the Department of Media and Arts, and will provide practical education combining the fields of data science and media art. The campus will be the Bunkyo Campus (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo). This will be the first new faculty to open since the Faculty of Management in 1. Further details will be announced on the university's website as soon as they are decided.

 The courses range from basic theories of science and art to applied skills that can be used in society. The school also offers internships at cutting-edge companies and organizations that develop information technology, video and audio production, and cultural projects, as well as problem-solving learning, with the aim of producing creators and programmers who can create science art using the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence.

 In recent years, learning about the fusion of data science has become more active not only in the arts field but also in the music field, as seen at Atsumi University. In 2023, the Kunitachi College of Music will open a new course called the "Music Data Science Course" that incorporates scientific methods to analyze music, and in 2024, Tokyo College of Music will open a "Music Business and Technology Major" to specialize in ICT.

 In the future, Showa University of Music will be the only music university to be selected as a recipient of the FY2027 University and College of Technology Function Strengthening Support Project (support related to the transition to specific growth fields due to faculty reorganization, etc.) in 5, and is considering opening a new "Faculty of Art and Engineering (tentative name)" (admission capacity 100 people). In 2028, Tokyo College of Music plans to open the "Department of Music and Social Engineering" (admission capacity 40 people) based on music and ICT skills.

 Even in arts and music departments, there has been active creation and reorganization of departments that incorporate data science, and the scope of faculties that can be called science faculties is changing significantly.

reference:[Atomi University] Our university's "Faculty of Media Arts (tentative name)" plan has been selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "University and College of Technology Function Strengthening Support Project"

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