Chiba University Frontier Medical Engineering Center will introduce new medical technology under development and examples of the latest research bases at the Keyaki Kaikan on the Chiba University Nishi-Chiba Campus in Yayoi-cho, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture on the 5th. We will hold a medical engineering symposium.

The theme of the symposium is "Global Strategy of Chiba University as a Biomedical Engineering Center".From 9:XNUMX am on the day, following the greetings by Takeshi Tokuhisa, Dean of Chiba University, Minoru Seki, Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University, Professor Tadashi Yamaguchi of Chiba University will perform "Hadobiological Measurement", and Professor Hideaki Haneishi will use "Advanced Medical Imaging Technology". , Professor Tatsuo Igarashi will explain "Minimally Invasive Treatment Technology", Professor Yu Bun-i will explain "Medical Robotics", and Associate Professor Toshiya Nakaguchi will explain "Medical Technology Evaluation".
After lunch, after having a free discussion in front of posters and exhibits, Professor Masahiro Takei of Chiba University said, "Lymphema edema monitor / medical system social implementation and realization of a discussion-free society by an international academic center" as an example of the latest research base. , Kyocera of Tech's Toshiya Nagao "Prototype development, pharmaceutical strategy, commercialization for practical use of trocar with camera", Yukio Naya, Professor of Teikyo University, "Prospects of minimally invasive treatment technology", Professor Yoshihiro Shimomura, Chiba University Will report on "Human-centered medical design" and Professor Teru Kuroda of Tokai University will report on "Non-invasive image measurement of internal temperature distribution by MRI".
Finally, there will be a panel discussion with Professor Tatsuo Igarashi and Associate Professor Ryoichi Nakamura of Chiba University as moderators, and eight panelists including Professor Yukio Naya and Professor Hideaki Haneishi of Chiba University will exchange opinions.
Participation is free.Applicants will be accepted at the venue on the day of the event.
Source:[Chiba University] November 11th (Thursday) "Chiba University Biomedical Engineering Symposium" held (PDF)
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