While the Ministry of Finance has indicated at the Financial System Council that it wants to reduce the grants for operating expenses of national university corporations, the Japan Association of National Universities (Chairman Susumu Satomi) strongly opposes that it may not be able to function as a national university. We have issued a statement to do so.He also points out that if subsidies are reduced in difficult economic conditions, there may be educational disparities due to economic disparities.

According to the statement, the Ministry of Finance's claim that the reduction of grants will make the university serious about securing its own income, but it lacks too much consideration for the current situation of national universities and the efforts so far. He criticized that it would jeopardize the realization of reforms.
He argued that reducing grants and raising tuition fees would not be enough to fulfill the role of a national university in accepting motivated and capable young people in all parts of the country and delivering talented people to the world.
Grants, which are the financial base of national universities, have been reduced by 2004 billion yen, or about 12%, in the 1,470 years since becoming an incorporated administrative agency in 12, and each university is in a critical situation. So, we are working on bold reforms to fulfill the role of national universities shown in "Japan Revitalization Strategy Revision 2015", "Basic Policy for Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform 2015", "National University Management Strategy", etc. I am complaining about my plight.
For this reason, while national universities are making efforts to secure diverse self-income, they emphasize that it is essential to enhance the financial base through grants in order to improve the level of education, research, and contribute to society.

At the Finance System Council in October, the Ministry of Finance announced a grant reduction policy aimed at making the grants of national university corporations and self-income equal to each other in the 10 years until 2031.In order to maintain the current scale of education and research, it is necessary to reduce grants by 15% each year and increase self-income by 1% each year.
Source:[The Japan Association of National Universities] Statement on the Ministry of Finance's proposal by the Financial System Council

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