In February 2019, Juntendo University and Recruit Medical Career Co., Ltd. started joint research on medical multidisciplinary communication using mobile terminals in order to provide prompt treatment for patients with acute ischemic stroke.

 Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in Japan and the leading cause of bedridden and long-term care (from "Stroke Treatment Guidelines 4"), and annual medical expenses of approximately 1 trillion yen are spent. (From "Overview of National Medical Expenses 2015" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).Of these strokes, "acute ischemic stroke" is expected to have a better outcome as the treatment starts earlier, but after the patient arrives at the hospital, which of the medical multidisciplinary occupations such as doctors, nurses, and radiologists It is not possible to accurately grasp how such information is shared and how long it takes to start treatment such as taking CT / MRI images and arranging equipment necessary for treatment. ..

 Therefore, in this joint research, we used the medical personnel communication app "Join (program for general-purpose diagnostic imaging equipment)" to promptly treat patients with acute ischemic stroke who require urgent treatment. "Join" is a mobile application that aims to realize smooth medical care by sharing medical images such as CT / MRI and biological monitors such as electrocardiograms among medical personnel using mobile terminals such as smartphones.After properly managing the patient's personal information, we will utilize the functions of this mobile application to collect information (text information, image information, audio information) between medical occupations and information from the patient's arrival at the hospital to the start of treatment. We aim to optimize communication between multiple medical occupations by digitizing and visualizing the process and time required for sharing.

 The optimization of multidisciplinary medical care revealed through research will be utilized in the treatment of other diseases that require urgent treatment such as vascular diseases other than the head and other acute diseases, and the overall quality of medical care will be utilized. It is expected to contribute to the improvement of patients' QOL (Quality of Life) and prognosis.This research will be conducted at Juntendo University Hospital, Juntendo University Hospital, Shizuoka Hospital and Urayasu Hospital, which are tertiary emergency medical facilities, and Nerima Hospital, which is a secondary emergency medical facility.

Reference: [Juntendo University] Juntendo University begins joint research on recruitment medical carriers and medical information collaboration using mobile terminals for acute ischemic stroke

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