Meiji University will establish an international research network with prominent universities and research institutes in Japan, France, South Korea, and Taiwan in order to promote joint research in the field of advanced mathematics. We gathered researchers from joint research participating institutions and signed an agreement. Until 2018, we will elucidate complex phenomena appearing in biological, chemical, and medical systems using numerical analysis and modeling simulation, and promote theoretical development.

In addition to Meiji University, the agreement was signed by the University of Tokyo from Japan, the Scientific Research National Center from France, the 11th University of Paris, the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, the Korean Institute of Science and Technology from South Korea, and the National Theoretical Science from Taiwan. Laboratory.At Meiji University, the Advanced Mathematical Science Institute, which was established in 2007 for the purpose of developing and popularizing mathematical science, will join the research.The Advanced Mathematical Science Institute has been actively engaged in research exchanges with research institutes in Europe and Asia as an international research center with the task of mathematical analysis of phenomena that appear in society and nature.

This international research is a project provided by the Scientific Research National Center of France, and the theme is "Integrated Research Project of Biology and Mathematical Sciences".We will promote full-scale joint research with Professor Masayasu Mimura, Deputy Director of the Institute for Advanced Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University, as the project leader.Meiji University positions this joint research as part of its international network of phenomenal mathematics.

Source:[Meiji University] Established an international research network in Japan, France and Korea

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