On February 2019, 2, the student group "Kesakesa" of the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Human Sciences of Kanazawa Seiryo University will hold a sake workshop for foreign tourists visiting Japan.The sake "Tedori River", which represents Ishikawa Prefecture, was served to seven tourists from Poland, Taiwan, Canada, and Germany.

 This activity was carried out as one of the "30 Student Overseas Visitor Challenge Project" of the University Consortium Ishikawa.We are conducting activities to attract overseas tourists in the prefecture based on student ideas and free ideas, and in the process we are developing with the aim of cultivating both the ability to play an active role globally and the ability to revitalize the region.

 The four members of the student group "Kesakesa" have been preparing for this workshop since the fall of 4.Through research on the history and manufacturing method of sake, and tours of multiple sake breweries in Ishikawa Prefecture, we made efforts to convey the charm of sake in English, and after holding a pre-workshop in January 2018, we reached the actual performance.
Cooperation between two companies, "Yoshida Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.", the brewery of "Tedori River", one of the representative sakes of Ishikawa Prefecture, and "HATCHi Kanazawa -THE SHARE HOTELS-", which is very popular with foreign tourists. The workshop that was obtained and realized was a great success.

 "As a result of using the pairing and tasting sake videos by making the best use of the reflections and improvements of the pre-workshop, the participants gave convincing voices such as" ah- ".The number of smiles increased from the previous time, and the workshop was closer to the students and participants. ”(Mr. SK, 3rd year, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics) I was glad to hear a lot of talk about sake, and thank you. I was glad to hear positive impressions not only from the guests but also from the sake brewers. Also, I have been interested in sake for a long time. I wanted to know more about sake through this activity ”(Mr. HS, 3rd year, Faculty of Economics, Department of Economics).

reference:[Kanazawa Seiryo University] [Regional cooperation] We held a sake workshop for foreign tourists!

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