The Japan-US Board of Education will start recruiting "2020 Fulbright Scholarship Students" to study in the United States for Japanese people.

 The Fulbright Scholarship Program aims to provide scholarship students with financial support for advancing research in their respective fields of expertise and to develop leaders who can contribute to mutual understanding between Japan and the United States in some way.It is expected that scholarship students will not only study and research on their own, but will also actively participate in various activities such as study abroad destinations, local communities and culture, and spread their knowledge about both countries.The Fulbright scholarship program between Japan and the United States has a history of more than 65 years, and many alumni called "Fulbright" are active in various fields such as education, administration, legal profession, business, and the media.

 The types of scholarship programs are the "graduate school study abroad program", in which students are enrolled as regular students in graduate school doctoral and master's programs in the United States and take courses to obtain a degree, and the purpose is to submit a doctoral thesis to a Japanese university. So, "Graduate School Study Abroad Program" for conducting research without earning credits at American universities, "Researcher Program" for university faculty members, government agencies or non-profit research institution workers, and "Researcher Program" for active journalists with more than 5 years of experience. Journalist Program ".You can apply online only.The application period is from April 2019st to May 4st, 1.

Reference: [Japan-US Board of Education] Fulbright Exchange Program Study Abroad Program by the Governments of Japan and the United States

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