Do you know "Yuru Sports"?It is a sport that can be enjoyed by people who are not good at exercising, such as people who are deaf, elderly, and people with disabilities.The "World Yuru Sports Association" was established in April 2015 with the aim of eliminating the vulnerable to sports from the world, and now that the 4 Tokyo Olympics are about to be held, Yuru Sports is drawing a lot of attention.

 At the World Yuru Sports Association, we welcome Hirotada Ototake, a writer, as an ambassador who thinks about and spreads sports, and plays with "Zombie Soccer" and hand soap, where you play futsal while blindfolding and becoming a zombie. About 40 sports such as "hand soap ball" have been developed.Meanwhile, it was decided that four universities, including St. Catherine University (Hojo, Matsuyama City), would work with the World Yuru Sports Association to develop and popularize new sports.This is a project to create "local sports" from Shikoku with university students from Shikoku as sports creators, and is backed up by a local newspaper company.

 In Shikoku, the "Shikoku Revitalization Project" (sponsored by 4 newspaper companies in Shikoku, co-sponsored by 4 prefectures in Shikoku, such as Ehime Shimbun) is underway, and this project also aims to revitalize the region. , The expectations from people will be great.In addition, the students who participated in the kick-off conference held at St. Catherine University the other day also came up with ideas rich in Ehime colors such as "pearl soccer" that shoots at a goal that imitates a shell that opens and closes, and it is a unique loose sport. I am burning my fighting spirit in development.

The sports devised by the four universities are scheduled to be announced at the "Shikoku Revitalization Forum 2015" to be held in Takamatsu City on November 11, 14, and students are working hard to develop them from now on.While the local boom is spreading, such as local characters and sweets, I am looking forward to seeing what good points of the four prefectures are reflected in "Shikoku's local sports" that even vulnerable sports people can enjoy.

Source:[World Yuru Sports Association] facebook

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