From January 2019, Chiba University of Commerce started the "CUC1 (One Hand Red) Wine Project" to tackle environmental problems and community contributions.Students will solicit support for project activities and operating costs through crowdfunding.

 Chiba University of Commerce is developing the president's project on four themes such as "environment / energy" and "safe / secure city / community development", and is developing a community-oriented society and SDGs (sustainable development) as a university. We aim to contribute to the goal).

 The "CUC100 Wine Project" launched this time is part of the "Environment and Energy" field. To commemorate the 2018th anniversary of the founding of Chiba University of Commerce in 90, current students who are project members will challenge the brewing of university original wine produced in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture toward the 100th anniversary of the founding.

 Field management and farm work are carried out not only with students, but also with local children, people with disabilities, farmers, and citizens in a collaborative system. In addition, collaborative work is an opportunity for exchanges, and it is natural to exchange information on local issues. It will be a place where you can do it.The vineyard is an old pitching practice field that has been cultivated by improving the soil, and it also grows vegetables in addition to grapes.The well to be installed will be used not only for cultivating agricultural products but also as drinking water in the event of a disaster.In addition, a solar sharing facility will be introduced, and the generated power will be consumed on campus.

 Part of the initial cost of the project is being recruited by crowdfunding, and the target amount is 3,000,000 yen.The recruitment period is from February 2019, 2 to March 1, 2019.

Reference: [Chiba University of Commerce] Collecting support money through crowdfunding of the "CUC100 Wine Project" to tackle environmental problems and community contributions

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