Yoshihiko Kadoya, a specially appointed associate professor at Nagoya University, has succeeded in identifying factors that adversely affect the economy, such as psychological stress caused by anxiety about the future of old age and an increase in preliminary savings.

 With the declining birthrate and aging population in developed countries, anxiety about life in old age is higher than ever.It has been proven that this anxiety is the cause of poor health.It is known that the magnitude of such anxiety also depends on the circumstances in which people are placed.For example, if prices are stable and you have enough assets, you can reduce future anxiety.On the other hand, it has also become clear that living with children does not necessarily reduce anxiety in old age.Based on these facts, we analyzed from household data the factors that make people aged 40 and over feel uneasy about their lives in Japan, the United States, China, and India.

 As a result, in Japan and the United States, small assets increase anxiety and exercise habits reduce anxiety.We also found that in Japan, the higher the ratio of pension to the expected living expenses, the more reassuring it is.In China, on the other hand, wealth, pensions, exercise habits and family structure had little effect on future anxiety.Also, in India, if you do not own a house, your anxiety about life in old age will increase.Most notably, living with children was expected to reduce anxiety, whereas it did not affect all four countries.

 In this way, we were able to identify the factors that make people feel uneasy depending on the social situation, and what the factors are.Until now, research has focused only on social security and stockpiling, but the results show that it is necessary to consider differences depending on social conditions.It can be expected to be an opportunity to incorporate a new perspective into future policy making.

Source:[Nagoya University] What are the causes of people's anxiety about life in old age?

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