A research group led by Toshiro Yamanaka of Okayama University has found that the amount of carbon dioxide released by the activity of the active volcano "Wakamiko" on the seabed located off the northeastern coast of Sakurajima in Kagoshima Bay is the highest since observation. I found that the value was reached.It is suspected that it is related to Sakurajima's activities, and we will continue to observe it in the future.

 The caldera is a terrain depressed by volcanic activity, and a huge caldera exists below the surface of the sea in the sea area on the north side of Sakurajima in Kagoshima Bay.The current center of volcanic activity in this caldera is Wakason, which actively emits carbon dioxide and other gases from the seabed.This gas is called "tagiri" because it reaches the surface of the sea and the sea looks like it is boiling, and it is well known among fishermen.

 Since 2007, the group has been collecting and analyzing seawater data in Kagoshima Bay to measure the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from submarine volcanoes.The annual release amount in a few years was around 7 tons, and the highest value so far was 2009 tons measured in 13.However, a July 2015 survey recorded a record high of 7 tonnes.The following month, the volcanic activity of nearby Sakurajima became active, and the eruption alert level was sometimes raised to 18.It was thought that the activities of Wakason and Sakurajima were unrelated, but there was a possibility that they were related.

 Volcanic activity on the seafloor is difficult to observe and continuous observation is difficult.Wakason is adjacent to the living area of ​​people and may lead to human damage.Through this research, the group aims to establish observation technology for submarine volcanoes and to verify the relationship between Wakason and Sakurajima's volcanic activity.

Source:[Okayama University] Magma-derived CO2 emissions from the submarine active volcano "Wakason" have increased sharply.

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