Tohoku University and Rakuten, Inc. signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement on April 2019, 4 with the aim of creating innovation originating in Tohoku.

 The main contents of the comprehensive cooperation agreement concluded between Tohoku University and Rakuten are joint research on sports science by Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles operated by Rakuten Baseball Team and Tohoku University, joint research with Rakuten Insurance Group companies and Tohoku University medical departments, etc. "Collaboration in the healthcare / medical field" such as research, "Collaboration in the robotics field" to conduct research and experiments on robotics and logistics, and hackathons on the theme of human resource development in collaboration with Rakuten People & Culture Institute "Establishment of human resources development program" etc.

 Rakuten has set up "Rakuten Innovation Lab Tohoku" as a collaborative base within Tohoku University in order to swiftly carry out these various industry-academia collaboration projects.The two parties also agreed to introduce a smartphone app payment service "Rakuten Pay (app payment)" on the Tohoku University campus to promote cashless payments.

Reference: [Rakuten Co., Ltd.] Rakuten and Tohoku University conclude a comprehensive cooperation agreement aimed at creating innovation

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