A joint research group of Professor Hideaki Seiya of the University of Tsukuba and Professor Ippeita Dan of Chuo University discovered that people with higher physical endurance have higher cognitive function in old age.I was able to get an important clue to find out if exercise rejuvenates the brain.

 As the decline in cognitive function of the elderly becomes a major social problem in a super-aging society, there is a growing interest in factors common to those who maintain high cognitive function over the years.In recent years, it has been considered that enhancing cardiovascular function, that is, mild exercise habits that enhance endurance, are effective in maintaining cognitive function.However, there are few studies investigating these direct relationships, and it is not well understood.

 To clarify these relationships, the research group investigated the relationship between endurance and cognitive function in 60 healthy elderly men.A value called the ventilatory work threshold was used as an index of endurance.While exercising lightly, the amount of oxygen required and the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled will increase at a constant rate, but if you gradually increase the amount of exercise, carbon dioxide will be emitted compared to oxygen at some point. The amount increases rapidly and it becomes difficult to breathe.The oxygen intake at this time is called the ventilatory work threshold, and the higher this is, the easier it is to exercise in daily life.We also tested the ability of executive function, which is prone to decline with aging, as an indicator of cognitive function.This is the ability to control thoughts and actions for a purpose.

 As a result of these investigations, it was found that executive function is also higher in people with a high ventilatory work threshold.In other words, it suggests that maintaining activity in daily life as much as possible prevents aging of the brain and leads to maintaining high cognitive function.In the future, it is necessary to consider whether similar results can be obtained for women.We will also investigate whether it is possible to rejuvenate the brain by observing changes in cognitive function by improving endurance through training.

Source:[Chuo University] Maintaining the endurance of the body prevents aging of the brain!

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