A research group led by Assistant Professor Hironori Izawa, Associate Professor Shinsuke Ifuku, and Professor Hiroyuki Saimoto of Tottori University has succeeded in developing a method for manufacturing materials with a fine structure on the surface using only natural materials such as chitosan derived from crab shells. Did.Previously developed by the same groupCommercialization of marine nanofibersHowever, a new material using crab shells has appeared again.It is possible to add various functions by chemical processing, and it is expected to be widely used.

 The nano-micrometer scale (1 nanometer = 0.000000001 meters, 1 micrometer = 0.000001 meters) microstructure on the surface of the material plays an important role in the function of the material.Animals and plants have various fine structures on the surface of their bodies after the competition for survival, which helps to acquire the ability to survive.These microstructures serve as a model for artificially creating functional materials.For example, wrinkles are a common structure among the characteristic structures of living things.So far, many microstructures have been developed based on the wrinkles in the natural world, but most of them are made using large-scale equipment based on synthetic resin.From the viewpoint of cost, it has been desired to develop a method for constructing a fine structure by a simple method using natural materials.

 The group discovered that by enzymatically reacting and drying the surface of a chitosan film made from crab shells, a micrometer-scale fine wrinkle-like structure was created.It is also possible to control the size and direction of wrinkles by applying force to the state of the film and when it dries.This is the world's first achievement in that a fine structure can be produced by a simple method using only natural materials and without using special equipment, and it can be expected to be used as various materials in the future.In addition, the substances that make up new materials can be added with various functions through chemical reactions, and have the potential to be used in various situations.

Source:[Tottori University] Succeeded in constructing a microstructured surface using only natural materials

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