The Faculty of Human and Social Studies, Saitama Institute of Technology, will hold a five-week collaboration lecture between the Department of Information Sociology and the Department of Psychology, which was well received both inside and outside the university, from April to July 2018. A special lecture entitled will be held.Participation of the general public is also possible.

 The special lecture at Saitama Institute of Technology invites faculty members from various specialized fields and external lecturers who are active on the front lines of video production, centering on "movies and video", and makes movies from the perspective of each expert. It explains the video and directly talks about topics related to the work.The aim is not only to appreciate the images as entertainment, but also to read the meaning behind them, understand the technologies latent in each work, and cultivate a multifaceted perspective.It is a valuable opportunity for students to have discussions and presentations with creators who are popular and active in each department.

 The lecturer of the special lecture is directed by Sunao Katabuchi, the director of "In This Corner of the World", which won the domestic and foreign movie awards, the skating scene of the TV animation "Yuri !!! on ICE", and "Zombie Land Saga". Junpei Tatsunaka, who worked on the action scenes of : Mr. Ryo Wakasugi, CG animator of "Spider Bath", editor of "Shin Godzilla" who won the Best Film Award and Best Editing Award of the 33th Japan Academy Prize, VFX supervisor, NHK Okawa drama "I Mr. Atsushi Sato who is also a VFX supervisor of "Daten".

 This time, 7 out of 5 times will be open to the public as special lectures for working adults.We are accepting applications without prior application so that you can enjoy the depth of movies, videos, and manga with university students.

Lecture "Comprehensive expression of video and music and humans"
・ Date: First semester Each specific day (15: 05-18: 30 for Thursday lectures, 13: 20-16: 45 for Saturday lectures)
・ Venue: Saitama Institute of Technology, Faculty of Human Sociology, 1st floor, Classroom 3011
・ Number of lectures: Omnibus format 7 times in total (14 frames: 5 times open to the public)

Reference: [Saitama Institute of Technology] Special lectures by director Sunao Katabuchi and other directors and production teams who are active in the front lines of video production will be held at Saitama Institute of Technology again this year! (PDF)

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