A research group led by Professor Tomoki Hamagami of Yokohama National University Institute of Engineering supports TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction) performed by embryo culture specialists in the treatment of male infertility using artificial intelligence (AI). Developed the system.

 It is said that the number of cases of azoospermia accounts for 2 to 16% of male infertility.As a treatment method, TESE, which is a technique for collecting sperm from the testis, is known, but this method finds and collects promising sperm in a limited time, and therefore requires high cell discrimination ability.Therefore, the burden on embryo culture specialists is extremely high, and there is a need for assistive technology for sperm search and evaluation in order to increase the success rate.

 This time, the group extracted about 17 cell samples from sperm collection videos and learned sperm and non-sperm for each.As a result, AI has become able to instantly discriminate sperm and other cells, which are difficult to discriminate without specialists, with high accuracy.Furthermore, AI learned based on the criteria of embryo culture specialists can now evaluate sperm grades on a five-point scale.

 By putting this system into practical use, it can be used to improve the fertilization rate in male infertility treatment, reduce the cost burden on patients, reduce the burden on embryo culture specialists, and pass on the skills of skilled embryo culture specialists.It is expected to greatly contribute to the field of assisted reproductive technology, especially the selection and search of sperm, and the advancement of male infertility testing.

reference:[Yokohama National University] AI-based sperm discrimination / evaluation system developed (PDF)

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