Kansai University will hold a regular general meeting of the Kansai University Educational Supporters Association and an undergraduate education round-table conference with parents (guardians) of current students on May 2019, 5 at the Senriyama Campus.

 The Kansai University Education Support Association is a group of parents (guardians) who are working for the purpose of supporting educational projects and mutual friendship among members under the slogan "Bridge between the hearts of the university and the family".Established in 1947, ahead of the rest of the country.Since then, it has held a "general meeting" every year.

 About 5,500 parents (guardians) from all over the country participated in the general meeting.This number is the largest in Japan, and the number of participants in the parents' association throughout the year is the highest in Japan, surpassing Nihon University, Doshisha University, Kinki University, Ritsumeikan University, etc. (Asahi Shimbun Publishing "1 Edition University" Ranking ").

 It is popular as a "one-day university for parents (parents)" where parents (parents) can not only hear directly from the teachers about their children's studies and student life, but also experience campus life on their own.After the general meeting, briefing sessions and individual consultations on educational content will be held for each faculty.In addition to setting up various individual consultation corners for employment, qualification acquisition, and general student life, performances by student groups, museum exhibitions, and athletic club practice tours will be held.

Reference: [Kansai University] Kansai University Educational Support Association General Assembly & Educational Advisory Panel Held

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