The Expenditure Reform Subcommittee, which was established in the Fiscal System Council, which is an advisory body to the Minister of Finance, held its first meeting and discussed mainly in the fields of education and science and technology.Among them, the Ministry of Finance submitted materials to refute the point that public finance education spending is less than other developed countries, and although the scale of R & D expenses is larger than that of major European countries, it is inferior to papers with many citations. Pointed out that this is because research productivity is low.

 According to the materials submitted by the Ministry of Finance, the ratio of public finance expenditure to GDP is only 7% of the average value among OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries, but the ratio of children in Japan is also OECD countries. It was low among the above, and when converted to the ratio of GDP to GDP per student, it was inferior to other countries, such as surpassing the United States.

 Higher education enrollment rate and degree retention rate such as universities are among the top class in OECD countries, and although the enrollment rate of low-income earners is a little low, middle-income earners have above average opportunities to go on to higher education. He said it was open and said that interest-free scholarships should be used to reduce the disparity.

 Regarding the number of private universities that are under capacity, the enrollment capacity is increasing despite the decrease in the 18-year-old population.

 It has been pointed out that the amount of decrease in national university operating expenses subsidies will be about 1,400 billion yen, but the actual amount will be only about 400 billion yen, including the elimination of deficit compensation due to the surplus of affiliated hospitals. I argued.On the contrary, the subsidy has increased by 1,000 billion yen, and public support is being expanded.

 The Expenditure Reform Subcommittee was newly established in April to consider a mechanism to curb the budget of an expanding country.Hiroya Masuda is composed of a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Public Policy, the University of Tokyo, a university faculty member, and a think tank researcher.

reference:[Ministry of Finance] Expenditure Reform Subcommittee (held on May 5, 16) List of materials

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