On June 2019, 6, Reitaku University's student volunteer group "Hospitali-Tee Project" will carry out tourist information for foreign tourists in Asakusa.

This project "helps foreign tourists in a small way" in a foreign language. It was launched in 2014 with the idea of ​​"citizen-level language volunteer activities," and is currently active four to five times a year in Asakusa, Ueno, and the Yanesen area.There are 4 core members.With the support of Professor Toshihiro Tanaka of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of Foreign Languages, and Associate Professor Kenichiro Yoshida of the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, the leader, Ms. Yasukoho, is planning and managing the project.

The members are not limited to Reitaku University students, but also Reitaku Junior and Senior High School students and other high school students. "There is no particular qualification to participate. I would be grateful if you could participate when you can help and gain the confidence that you spoke in English" (Professor Tanaka). ..

The members are “Hospitali-Tee®” I CAN HELP!Wearing a T-shirt that says, exchange in multiple languages ​​such as Chinese and Korean as well as English.Initially, the main focus was on helping with problems, but as the times went on, I realized that many travelers enjoyed casual conversations with local young people. Many members exchange SNS accounts and continue to interact with each other, which is also an opportunity for international exchange to be born while staying in Japan.

In the future, we are considering expanding the target area such as Ginza and focusing on small-group events.

reference:[Reitaku Journal] For the "first step" to make use of the English proficiency that you have cultivated.What is the Hospitality Tee Project?

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