With the start of a new study support system for higher education such as universities from 2020, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has released a guide for confirming motivation to study for high schools and other schools.This is because the new system requires confirmation of clear motivation for study and purpose of study before going on to school, and shows the basic idea necessary for confirmation.

 According to the Ministry of Education, the guide is for high school and secondary school high school, special needs school high school, college of technology and college of technology high school staff, strong learning motivation and clear purpose of advancement as items to check. Is mentioned.

 As a confirmation method, it was decided that students with an average rating of 3.5 or higher would be judged whether or not they were willing to study, taking into consideration their daily learning situation and career guidance. Students under 3.5 are asked to make a decision through a report or an interview.

 Items to be confirmed in reports and interviews include
・ Is the purpose of going on to higher education clearly stated?
・ Is the outlook after graduation stated?
・ Can we expect to be able to become independent and active in society?
・ Are you willing to complete your studies until graduation after going on to school?
-And so on.

 A new system of study support to expand tuition exemptions and benefit-type scholarships at universities and other institutions for students in low-income households will start in April 2020.At this time, high schools and others will recommend the students who wish to receive support to the Japan Student Services Organization in advance, and will be hired by appointment.When making a recommendation, it is required to clearly confirm the motivation to study and the purpose of going on to university.

reference:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] Guide for confirming motivation for study related to measures to support study at universities (for high schools, etc.)

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