Keio University Mitsukura Laboratory and Toppan Forms Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Toppan Printing, whose main product is forms (business forms), conducted joint research on the stress that consumers feel when filling out forms, and conducted a conventional questionnaire. I discovered that there are some entries that I feel "dislike = stress" that did not emerge in the survey.In response to this research result, we announced that we will start providing a "form sensitivity analysis service" that grasps and improves "dislike = stress" when filling out forms by measuring brain waves and eyes.

 This form sensitivity analysis service is a service that is lined up as an additional function of the form analysis / improvement solution of Toppan Forms' individual customer marketing support function "LABOLIS".By combining the "Sentience Analyzer *" that estimates five sensibilities such as "interest" and "stress" of human beings equipped with Mitsukura Lab's technology from brain waves and gaze measurement, consumers fill out forms etc. At that time, you can visualize and report what you are thinking unconsciously.In the conventional survey, it is possible to measure the parts of the design that are difficult to notice and the parts that you feel unpleasant or unpleasant, which is useful for grasping the creative design that raises the liking and creating a form that does not stress the writer. increase.

 In the future, Toppan Forms and Mitsukura Laboratory will promote the development of a direct mail version of the sentiment analysis service, which has high demands for analysis and improvement as well as forms, and will further develop the form sensitivity analysis service and develop it in media other than paper. It means aiming. * Sensitivity analyzer uses an algorithm supervised by Associate Professor Yasue Mitsukura of Keio University for brain wave data obtained with the brain wave headset of Dentsu Science Jam Co., Ltd. Estimate five emotions: "drowsiness" and "stress".

Source:[Toppan Forms Co., Ltd.] Keio University Mitsukura Laboratory and Toppan Forms make joint research a service

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