At Showa Women's University, a project team was formed by students and editors of Hayakawa Publishing Co., Ltd., and a new label specializing in "story for women" was launched in the Hayakawa Mystery Bunko.This is the first attempt in Japan for a university and a publisher to jointly launch a label, and an industry-academia joint project by a liberal arts college student is a very rare case.

 The name of the new label launched this time is "my perfume". It was named with the desire of students to create a "bunko that you always want to wear and carry around" and a "perfume-like library that is widely used by middle and high school students to adult women."The 46 students who participated in the project are in charge of label names, logo marks, catchphrases, work titles, cover designs, synopsis introductions, etc.While exchanging opinions with the editor of Hayakawa Publishing, we completed a label that made use of the ideas and opinions of female college students.

 The new label plans to publish five overseas mystery works in a row every month, targeting young women such as high school girls.As the first installment, "Ketchup Syndrome" by Annabel Pitcher, a female writer who won the Edgar Award for Young Adults, was published on October 5, 1.Students also created a handwritten POP to put in a bookstore in order to spread the joy of reading.It will be placed at bookstores nationwide.The publishing campaign also plans to collaborate with "Angel Heart," a perfume maker popular with women.

Source:[Showa Women's University] A new label has been launched in collaboration with Hayakawa Publishing!

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