Nikkei BP Consulting Co., Ltd. announced the results of the "PC Edition National University Site Usability Survey 2015-2016" that evaluated the usability of university websites, and the University of Toyama ranked first in the overall score ranking. have become.

 The survey was conducted at 213 universities.The selection was nominated for high-ranking universities with a large number of undergraduate students in national / public universities and private universities, and universities with high scores in previous surveys.The survey method is based on the site diagnostic tool "Website Scorecard", using a diagnostic sheet created by adding diagnostic items unique to the university site, and the investigator checks the official website of the target university, giving a total of 100 points. I made a point like this.

 The diagnostic items are "top page usability", which looks at the navigation ability of the top page, which is the first guide for visitors to the site, and whether they can smoothly reach the "popular content" of the university site, such as entrance examination dates and tuition fees. Diagnosis was made based on eight items, such as "access to main content" and "smartphone support" whether or not consideration is given to smartphones.


Source:[Nikkei BP Consulting Co., Ltd.] XNUMX% of university websites are compatible with smartphones

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