Saitama Institute of Technology has established the "Autonomous Driving Technology Development Center".As the first university-wide research organization for autonomous driving technology, we will strengthen research and development toward the practical application of autonomous driving technology.

 The "Autonomous Driving Technology Development Center" will be newly established as a research organization under the direct control of the President.Under the guidance of Professor Taishi Watanabe, a professor of the Department of Information Systems, Faculty of Engineering, new fields related to robots and AI (artificial intelligence) such as specially appointed visiting professor Tadayoshi Wada, professor Ko Oyama, professor Ryuji Yamazaki, and associate professor Kiyohiko Hattori will be introduced. Specialized researchers also participate.We aim to research and develop Japan's top-class advanced autonomous driving technology through industry-academia-government collaboration.

 According to Saitama Institute of Technology, there are three main issues to be tackled by the "Autonomous Driving Technology Development Center". (XNUMX) Development of welfare vehicles with automatic driving function, (XNUMX) Research on automatic driving technology utilizing advanced AI technology, (XNUMX) Practical AI education on the theme of automatic driving, etc. ..

 Saitama Institute of Technology started research on autonomous driving as a next-generation automobile project on campus in 2016.After that, he was the only private university to participate in a large-scale demonstration experiment, and after conducting a demonstration experiment on a public road, in June 2018, he established Field Auto Co., Ltd., the first private university to be a private university-originated automatic driving venture.

 At the Saitama Business Fair 2019, which will be held at Saitama Super Arena on June 6, 12, the actual machine used for the first demonstration experiment on public roads in Saitama Prefecture will be exhibited, and the features of the automatic driving technology under development will be exhibited. introduce.

reference:[Saitama Institute of Technology] Saitama Institute of Technology establishes "Autonomous Driving Technology Development Center" Promotes practical application with the first university-wide research system specializing in autonomous driving (PDF)

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