Since November 2016, Showa Women's University Institute for Contemporary Business has been conducting a "Career Mama Internship" for students who are worried about balancing work and child-rearing.In exchange for providing a sitter job to send elementary school students to their homes, a paid internship system in which a working mother, who is a role model, talks to them at home. The purpose is to help you design your own career.

 From June 2019, 6, the management of this internship and the training of students will be outsourced to Poppins Group's Smart Sitter Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), which is known for its preschool education school.

 While following the existing programs, Smart Sitter will provide babysitter qualification courses free of charge with the aim of further reassuring users and improving student skills.In addition, we will develop learning support programs unique to university students, such as supporting students' learning.
In addition, we will provide exchange meetings between students and women in responsible positions in the company and society to help students concretely imagine how they will work and interact with society in the future.

 Showa Women's University intends to develop this career support program for female college students into content that students from other universities can also experience.

reference:[Showa Women's University] Showa Women's University Career Mama Internship Management and training is outsourced to Smart Sitter Co., Ltd.

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