More international competitions are being held in Japan, such as the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to be held in 2020.Interpreter volunteers play a part in the management of the international convention, and while the needs are increasing, the "Interpreter Volunteer Training Seminar" is held by the seven foreign universities nationwide.The event will be held for four days from August 2015th (Monday) to 8th (Thursday), 24, at Kanda University of International Studies (Chiba Prefecture), which is the secretary school.

In addition to Kanda University of International Studies, we are enrolled in 7 foreign language universities, Kansai University of Foreign Studies, Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, and Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies. 240 students.

In June 7, these seven schools signed the "National Foreign Great Union Charter" and confirmed that they would cooperate in the development of global human resources, and the Interpreter Volunteer Development Seminar is the first joint project.

At international competitions, human resources engaged in interpreting volunteers are responsible for the care of overseas teams, the liaison between the secretariat and athletes, attendants of athletes from each country during the competition, and interpreting at ceremonies and conferences for smooth operation. Expected to be involved in support.Therefore, in the seminar, training is conducted assuming various situations.Students acquire not only language skills, but also communication skills, understanding of sports culture and different cultures, as well as independence and positivity.In addition, the lecture includes the contents of Hospitality Test Level 3 to learn Japanese "hospitality", so you can learn a wide range of things.

After completing the seminar, students who meet the requirements for completion will be given a certificate of completion, registered in the Interpreter Volunteer Human Resources Bank, and can participate in various interpreter volunteer internship activities.The secretariat has already received requests for dispatch from several international sports competitions and economic conferences.

The application period is from April 2015th (Monday) to July 4st (Friday), 6, and details are described on the Kanda University of International Studies website (if the number of applicants is reached, the application may be closed earlier than the above period. there is).

Source:[Kanda University of International Studies] "Interpreter Volunteer Training Seminar" (PDF)

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