In 2014, Kakehashi Sky Solutions Co., Ltd., a consultant specializing in various business services, started a regional revitalization support project, "Island revitalization internship," commonly known as "Island Can," in which university students in the city contribute to revitalizing remote islands.So far, a total of 10 urban university students have experienced internships on a total of 444 islands, including Hokkaido / Rebun Island, Shimane Prefecture / Oki Islands, and Kagoshima Prefecture / Amami Islands.This time, "Winter Akita Okoshi Internship!" Will be held in February 2016 as the first attempt of "Island Can" and as a collaborative program with the public university "Akita International University (AIU)" in Akita City, Akita Prefecture. Has been decided and recruitment of participants has started.

 Akita International University (AIU) is a leading university in Akita Prefecture that is attracting attention due to its unique educational system and 1% employment rate, such as the obligation to study abroad for one year, with all classes conducted in English and a small number of students. It is one of. In the "Winter Akita Okoshi Internship!", Urban students who participate in Shimakan as an initiative for social contribution and regional revitalization and students from Akita International University form a mixed team of three and have an internship in Akita for about a week. Experience

 The internship destinations are the sake brewery with a history of more than 300 years, Suzuki Sake Brewery (Semboku City, Akita Prefecture), the traditional event "Paper Balloon Raising (Semboku City, Akita Prefecture)" where lighted paper balloons dance in the night sky, and the only mogul skiing in Japan. There are 3 places in the competition World Cup "FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Akita Tazawako Tournament". English ability is required because more than 100 athletes and staff from all over the world participate in the Freestyle Skiing World Cup. Participation in the "Winter Akita Okoshi Internship!" Is for university and graduate students (consultation for working adults) who are interested in community revitalization activities, and applications are accepted on the Kakehashi Sky Solutions website. The deadline is the end of November.

Source: [Kakehashi Sky Solutions Co., Ltd.] [Island Can x Akita International University] Island Can Spin-off / Winter Akita Okoshi Internship!Decided to be implemented in February 3 at 2016 offices in Akita Prefecture.

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Akita International University trains tough and broad-minded human resources who can play an active role in the world through small-group education, multicultural campuses, and study abroad. We have acquired "rich culture," "global knowledge," and "excellent foreign language proficiency," and are honing our "human power," which has infinite possibilities.Also, 20 […]

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