The first result report meeting of the study abroad support system "Tobitate! Study Abroad JAPAN" was held at Shibaura Institute of Technology Toyosu Campus in Koto-ku, Tokyo.As a result of the dispatched students giving a presentation on the results of study abroad and the contents being examined by the people involved in the supporting companies, Mr. Yasuki Yasutani of Chiba University was selected as the highest award and was commended by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Hiroshi Hase.

 Adaniya studied abroad in the United States with the theme of "Aiming for" Japanese Jobs "in Stanford & Silicon Valley."He continued to actively promote the robots he created, and reported that he had an investor and established a company in the United States just before the end of the study abroad period.

 According to the Japan Student Services Organization, this system was established in 2014 to double the number of Japanese students studying abroad based on the government's Japan Revitalization Strategy.There are 6 courses: science and multi-disciplinary human resources, emerging countries, world-class universities, diverse human resources, regional human resources, and high school students. In addition to scholarships that do not require repayment, travel expenses and tuition fees are supported.In addition to obtaining a degree, we have supported various activities such as volunteering, fieldwork, and internships.

 By 2020, we aim to collect 200 billion yen from the private sector and send 1 Japanese students from high schools, colleges of technology, junior colleges, universities, and graduate schools overseas as dispatched international students. From the 2015th semester recruited in 4, short-term study abroad programs for students with little travel experience and students with household income exceeding the support standard amount are also included.

Source:[Chiba University] Tobitate!Received the highest award at the 1st Achievement Report Meeting of Study Abroad Japan!

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