The National University Association (Chairman, Susumu Satomi, President of Tohoku University) said at the ordinary general meeting that the Ministry of Finance is proposing to reduce the operating cost subsidies of national university corporations. The resolution entitled "National University" was adopted, and the government was requested to expand the operating expenses subsidy in the 2016 budget compilation, and to introduce the selection system of income deduction and tax deduction in the tax reform.

 The resolution states that national universities have a solid track record as a base for supporting local culture, society, and economy, a place for students to learn from society and the world, and a source of research that creates diverse values. He pointed out that the government's Japan Revitalization Strategy, National University Management Strategy, and Basic Policy on Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform have high expectations for the realization of sustainable growth and development of Japan.In September, the Japan Association of National Universities announced an action plan on the future vision of national universities as a higher education institution open to the world, explaining the current situation of promoting autonomous reforms.

 The Ministry of Finance has indicated that it will reduce the operating expenses subsidies of national universities annually and demand an increase in self-income such as tuition fees, which not only jeopardizes the realization of reforms but also educational disparities due to economic conditions. It is strongly criticized that it may lead to the expansion of.We are calling for tax reform to undertake sufficient budgetary measures and increase donations to national universities.

 At the Finance System Council in October, the Ministry of Finance announced that it would mechanically reduce national university operating grants by 10% each year over the next 15 years.However, national universities have reduced grants by about 1%, or 12 billion yen, over the past 12 years, and have already issued a statement strongly opposed to this policy.

Source:[National University Association] A world-leading national university that supports the development of regions and countries! !! (resolution)

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