Kinki University (Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) plans to open the 2016th new faculty, "Faculty of International Studies," on the Higashi-Osaka Campus in April 4. The notification to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology was accepted on June 14, 2015.

In light of the current situation where the globalization of university education is being questioned, the department will develop global human resources who can compete in the world with high communication skills, a wide range of education, and the ability to think and act while maximizing the merits of an integrated university. I will aim for.To that end, we will collaborate with Berlitz Corporation, which has a history of 137 years and a track record of corporate training for more than 12,000 companies, to provide education that combines the founding spirit of Kinki University, "practical education," with Berlitz's know-how. ..

Mr. Craig Virsil (from California, USA), Berlitz Japan's Kansai area general academic affairs chief, will be appointed as the dean. It was appointed by the company as a symbol of the concept of "Japan's first language education through industry-academia collaboration."By entrusting the dean to Mr. Craig, an English education professional who has been involved in English education at Berlitz for 25 years and has taught many students English that is accepted in society, "reading, listening, and listening" that is truly useful in society. The aim is to develop human resources with English proficiency who have the four skills of "writing and speaking."Berlitz teachers will also be hired in class.

In addition, one year of study abroad is compulsory from the second half of the first year.Incorporate the program of "ELS Educational Services, Inc." (a group company of the same company), which provides language education at overseas universities, into classes.After returning to Japan, you will study specialized subjects in English and liberal arts subjects based on understanding of different cultures, and acquire language skills and communication skills.

It has also been decided that Hidekazu Akai, an actor who is a graduate of the university and general director of the boxing club of the athletic club, will be appointed as a PR ambassador for the department as well as the dean.

Source:[Kinki University] Faculty of International Studies, Kinki University

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