The Paleoclimatology Research Center, Ritsumeikan University Research Organization for Science and Technology has signed a research cooperation agreement with the Archaeological Laboratory, Oxford University, UK.In the future, we will proceed with the extraction of pure pollen from sediments and the radiocarbon dating based on them in cooperation with each other, and accelerate the dating of various sediments.

 According to Ritsumeikan University, the signing ceremony of the agreement is at Keble College, Oxford University, UK. Professor Julia Lee Thorpe, the director of the Department of Archeology, and Professors Tom Hyam and Christopher Bronck Ramsey of the Radio Carbon Accelerator Unit attended.

 Professor Thorpe said, "So far, both universities have produced many remarkable research results in paleoclimatology research. In the future, we will open this to not only both universities but also the research community around the world, and archeology. I want to accelerate the development of paleoclimatology. "

 In response to this, Director Nakagawa said, "The range of applications of the technology made possible by this alliance is wide. It will be meaningful to solve many problems in geology and archeology."

 Oxford University is the world leader in archeology in the 2018 university rankings by major, selected by the British university evaluation agency Quacquarelli Symonds.

reference:[Ritsumeikan University] Concluded a memorandum of understanding for research cooperation with Oxford University

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