OpenWork Co., Ltd., which operates the job market platform "OpenWork" for finding employment and changing jobs, announced the "annual income ranking by university of origin".

 The target data for the survey is 2018 universities with 3 or more data out of the annual income and university data registered with OpenWork during the aggregation period (March 2019-July 7). 50 people.The graduate school was excluded, and the estimated annual income at the age of 100 was calculated from the annual income and age distribution of each university graduate.

 As a result, 1st place The University of Tokyo (annual income at the age of 30 is 810.9 yen), 2nd place Hitotsubashi University (739.6 million yen), 3rd place Kyoto University (727.6 million yen), 4th place Keio University (726.6 million yen), 5th place It became Tokyo Institute of Technology (708.2 million yen). As a tendency of OpenWork registrants, there are many people from high-ranking schools who work for major companies, and the overall annual income was high.Among them, the University of Tokyo, which ranks first, is the only one with over 1 million yen, which is a big difference of about 800 yen from the second-ranked Hitotsubashi University.In addition, as a tendency of the top 2 schools, the result shows that there is a correlation with the entrance examination difficulty level and the deviation value.There are 70 national and public universities in the TOP30, and most of them are universities based in the economic zone of Tosaka.

Reference: [Open Work Co., Ltd.] Annual income ranking by university of origin

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