Waseda University is an online storage system "Box" that can be used by students and faculty members for the purpose of preventing information leakage due to theft or misplacement of smartphones and tablets, sharing information between users inside and outside the university, and promoting community activities. Company) ”has been introduced.

 Online storage is a service that allows multiple people to exchange and share data by renting out disk space for storing files on the Internet.By storing the file, you do not need to store and carry the file on a storage medium such as a USB memory.
 The "Box" introduced at Doshisha University can be used by all students and all full-time faculty members with a total of about 5 people with unlimited capacity, and this unlimited capacity and university-wide introduction is worldwide, including in the United States. This will be my first attempt.

The features of "Box" include unlimited capacity, preview display of more than 100 types of files on the browser, and control of terminals that can synchronize files by using a client application. It has a function to make it smooth.In addition, advanced security can prevent information leakage due to virus infection.
By using "Box", the university not only safely shares reports and research data created by students and faculty members inside and outside the university, but also stores digital data of valuable materials as research results. We are thinking of making effective use of it as a data storage destination for various systems.

Source:[Waseda University] Utilized for collaboration between students, faculty and staff, outside the university, and safe management of education and research data

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