The National Federation of University Co-ops (University Co-op) introduces the 1 best book sales "Book Best 10" in the book department of 10 university co-ops nationwide once a month.Currently, the ranking for September 10 is open to the public.

 "Book Best 10" is published by Hokkaido University, Tohoku University, The University of Tokyo, Waseda University, Keio University, Nagoya University, Kyoto University, Doshisha University, Osaka University, Kyushu University, and co-ops of the above 10 universities. This is the books department.

 The number one book sales at each university are the University of Tokyo Co-op Bookstore, Kyoto University Co-op Shop Rene Book Corner, Doshisha Co-op Ryoshinkan Book & Shop "Professional Novelist / Haruki Murakami", Hokkaido University Co-op Books The club Clark store is "Delicious healthy rice at Hokkaido University Hospital / Hokkaido University Hospital", the Tohoku University Co-op Bookstore is "Medieval History of Tohoku 1 / Toshiaki Yanagihara", and the Waseda University Co-op Plaza Book Center is "Company Shikiho Industry Map". "2 Edition", Keio Gijuku Co-op Bookstore Hiyoshi Books / PC floor is "Short-answer type one-question-one-answer 2016 criminal law selected by Makoto Ito / Makoto Ito" Wama * August data ”, Osaka University Co-op Bookstore Toyonaka store book“ Mourning Cultural History / Kunimitsu Kawamura ”, Kyushu University Co-op Bookstore“ Message of Hirofumi Uzawa / Shinichi Otsuka ”.

In addition, in "Book Best 10", there is a collection of qualification test questions such as "TOEIC test ultimate mock exam 600 questions / Hiro Maeda", "Clearly understand Nissho bookkeeping grade 3 / Nanami Takizawa", and the relationship between each university. Books and books related to the region are also ranked.Details of each university's "Book Best 10" can be found on the homepage of the National Federation of University Co-ops.

Source: [National University Co-op Association] Book Best 10 Introducing the top ten books currently on sale at the books department of the 10 national co-ops.

Tokyo University

Established in the 10th year of the Meiji era.A university with the longest history in Japan and at the forefront of Japanese knowledge

The University of Tokyo was established in 1877 (Meiji 10) by integrating the Tokyo Kaisei School and the Tokyo Medical School.Since its establishment, it has developed education and research in a unique way in the world as a leading university in Japan and an academic center for the fusion of East and West cultures.As a result, many human resources have been produced in a wide range of fields, and many research achievements […]

Nagoya University

Aiming to be a person who has true courage and intellect and can open up the future

Nagoya University is a comprehensive university with 9 faculties, 13 graduate schools, 3 affiliated research institutes, nationwide joint usage, and 5 joint research centers.Through creative research activities, he explores the truth and produces some of the best intellectual achievements in the world.Foster courageous intellectuals with abundant logical thinking and imagination through educational practices that emphasize spontaneity […]

Kyoto University

Foster a free academic style based on the spirit of "self-respect for self-weight" and open up a world of creative learning.

With the motto of self-study, we will continue to maintain a free academic style that is not bound by common sense, and develop human resources who have both creativity and practical ability.We provide an inclusive learning space that allows for diverse and hierarchical choices so that students themselves can choose a solid future through valuable trial and error. […]

Osaka University

The "true value" of each person becomes the "evolution" of Osaka University.To a university that lives in the community and extends to the world

Osaka University is a research-based university with 11 faculties and 23 departments. Since its founding in 1931, with the motto of "living in the region and extending to the world," we have created an outstanding "foundation" and "power" that weaves advanced education and research capabilities, the harmony of faculty and staff, and the weight of tradition and the advantage of Osaka. I have.Taking advantage of these excellent potentials […]

Tohoku University

Create excellent research results that will be the source of innovation, and develop talented human resources who will lead the next generation

Tohoku University has a rich culture and humanity based on the tradition of "research first principle" since its opening, the idea of ​​"opening the door" and the spirit of "respect for practical science", and is a phenomenon of human beings, society and nature. In response to this, human resources with the ability to carry out intellectual exploration with a "scientific mind", demonstrating their expertise in various fields from an international perspective and leading […]

Hokkaido University

Strong cooperation with industry and regions "Practical science unique to Hokkaido University" leads the world

The origin of Hokkaido University dates back to Sapporo Agricultural College, which was established in 1876.Throughout its long history, we have cultivated the basic principles of "frontier spirit," "cultivating internationality," "education for all," and "emphasis on practical studies."Based on this philosophy, he has a high level of academic background that is internationally accepted, and has accurate judgment and a leader […].

Kyushu University

A university that creates "comprehensive knowledge" that opens up the future and drives social change

Kyushu University, which celebrated its 111th anniversary this year, is a core university with 12 faculties and 19 faculties.We have been designated as a "designated national university corporation" that can be an international base by developing the world's highest level of outstanding education and research activities.From the humanities and sociology that we have cultivated so far to the natural sciences, and even the design-related "knowledge" […]

Keio University
Waseda University

Reform with the aim of "WASEDA shining in the world" with research, education, and contribution as the three pillars

Waseda University has created an unparalleled environment in which all students can hone their ability to take on unanswered issues based on the three founding principles of "independence of academics, utilization of academics, and creation of model people."Aiming to be a world-class university with unwavering international competitiveness, "WASEDA that shines in the world," "Waseda for research" and "[…] for education.

Doshisha University

Inherit the "conscience of a country".One ambition and striving for the next generation

In 1875, Doshisha English School, the predecessor of Doshisha University, was founded by Joseph Hardy Neesima. We have practiced conscience education with the educational principles of "Christianity," "liberalism," and "internationalism."The virtue of loving the truth and making humanity serious, the spirit of respecting individuality and valuing each person, the power to grasp the world from a broad perspective, these […]

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