Since October 2015, Chiba Institute of Technology has been holding a "Rocket Girl & Boy Training Course 10" for high school students to experience everything from rocket design to launch with their own hands.

 This "Rocket Girl & Boy Training Course" forms a team with friends from various high schools, and the importance of managing advanced and complicated projects such as design, production, and launch as well as production technology and issues that occur one after another. It is held for the purpose of experiencing the joy of manufacturing while learning about teamwork that is achieved by thinking and devising as a team.

 High school students make a "hybrid rocket" with a total length of about 2 m, a weight of about 10 kg, and a flight altitude of about 350 m.A hybrid rocket is a rocket that does not use gunpowder and uses a combination of liquid or gas oxidizer and solid fuel as a propellant. It is relatively safe and can obtain a large thrust, so it is a rocket for universities and the like. It is often used in experiments.The launch of a hybrid rocket reaches an altitude of several hundred meters, and although it is powerful and dangerous, it is also an opportunity for high school students to learn about safety awareness.


Source: [Chiba Institute of Technology] Recruitment of 2015 Rocket Girls & Boy Training Course Students (High School Students)

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