At the time of graduation, more than 7% of the students felt that they were "satisfied" and "grown up" at the university, according to the Recruit Advancement Research Institute "Graduation Satisfaction Survey 2015".


Are college students happy with the university?Survey result announcement According to the survey results, 76.5% answered that they were "satisfied" with being enrolled in university, and by gender and liberal arts, liberal arts girls were the highest at 83.2%, science girls 81.9%, and science boys 75.4. %, And 69.6% for liberal arts boys.The top 3 items that have the highest correlation with satisfaction are 1st place "attractive to educational policy and school spirit", 2nd place "meeting many seniors / juniors / friends", and 3rd place "acquiring a wide range of knowledge and culture". There are many classes. "

 In terms of the feeling of growth, "I think I grew up" was higher for boys (71.1%) and girls (81.4%). By gender and liberal arts, science girls 84.8%, liberal arts girls 81.0%, science boys 74.0%, In the order of 68.9% for liberal arts boys, the result was that the liberal arts boys had the lowest feeling of growth, followed by satisfaction.However, among the "I think I grew up", the one who answered "I think I grew up very much" had the highest score for the liberal arts boys.The reasons for growth are different for men and women, and boys answered that they had completed their graduation thesis and production, and girls answered that they had a heavy relationship and responsibility in their part-time job.

* Detailed results of the "Graduation Satisfaction Survey 2015" are posted on the Recruit Advancement Research Institute website.

Source:[Recruit Advancement Research Institute] Graduation Satisfaction Survey of College Students 2015

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