Osaka Prefecture will free admission fees and tuition fees for students enrolling in Osaka Prefecture University and Osaka City University from 2020 for households with an annual income of less than 3 million yen who have lived in the prefecture for three years or more.It is a subsidy that adds the support of the prefecture to the support of the national government so that higher education can be received regardless of the financial condition of the family.


 Enroll in both universities, master's programs at both universities, and Osaka City University Law School after 3, provided that the student and the livelihood maintainer of the household have an address in the prefecture from three years before the entrance date. For students who have completed the program.Current students and international students are not eligible.Osaka Prefectural University College of Technology students will be implemented from 2020 when the enrolled students are in the 4th grade.If attendance is extremely low or grades are extremely poor, support will be discontinued.

 The tuition fee for both universities is about 54 yen per year.The entrance fee for residents of the prefecture is about 28 yen for Osaka Prefecture University and about 22 yen for Osaka City University.The two universities are planning to integrate in the future, but Osaka Prefecture will continue to provide support even after the integration, and is considering expanding support to adult students who are re-learning.

reference:[Osaka Prefecture] Free tuition fees for Osaka Prefecture University and Osaka City University

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