According to a national survey by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 97.5% of universities and junior colleges nationwide have taken concrete measures such as reviewing internal rules following the revision of the School Education Law and the National University Corporation Law in April. ..The purpose of the revision of the law has permeated most universities, such as the fact that the president has the final say on school affairs, but the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has decided to request universities that have been delayed in reviewing internal regulations to make immediate improvements. increase.

97.5% of universities have revised internal rules due to revision of laws and regulations, surveyed by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyThe amendment of the law in April will review the rules of the positions and organizations of the vice president and faculty committee in order to establish the leadership of the president in the administration of the university, and take measures to make the selection of the president of the national university transparent. We are asking each university.In April and May, we received responses from 4 national, public and private universities nationwide, including junior colleges, in order to investigate the response of the university based on the revision of laws and regulations.

According to the preliminary figures of the survey, 1,097 universities have made concrete efforts such as reviewing the internal rules.Regarding the fact that the president has the final say on university management, 44.7 schools, which account for 503% of the total, answered that they had stipulated in the bylaws before the revision.After the revision, 615 schools, 54.7%.Regarding the fact that the faculty committee of the deliberative body has a relationship to express opinions to the president who has the right to make decisions, 345 universities (31.5%) have stipulated in the bylaws before the amendment, and 764 (67.9%) have stipulated after the amendment. )was.

Of the total of 165 national universities and public universities that were incorporated, 91 universities (55.2%) did not have any provisions to grant authority to faculty meetings that were no longer applied after the revision. ), 73 universities (44.2%) reviewed the internal rules after the revision.The remaining one school has been reviewed after this survey, and all universities have completed the response.

Whether specific matters regarding the qualities, abilities, selection procedures, and methods required of the president are included in the internal rules of national universities as criteria for selection of the president is whether all 86 national universities have already included them, or the following. I decided to respond by the selection of the president of.
Regarding the fact that the president selection meeting of national universities constantly checks the work performance of the president, 66 universities (76.7%) have reviewed it and 15 universities (17.4%) are considering reviewing it.

Source:[Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] About "Survey on the results of comprehensive inspection and review of internal rules" (preliminary figures) at the university

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