Hiroshima Shudo University has been holding an essay contest for junior and senior high school students since 1994. On November 2019, 11, the winners of 26 were announced.

 The theme for 24, the 2019th time, is "My Challenge".Many students challenged their own high goals with "pioneer spirit" and "frontier spirit" from the beginning of the school, and in response to questions from Hiroshima Shudo University, which has pioneered their lives, with school life such as club activities and study, and with their families There were applications for 1,401 junior high school students and 733 high school students.

 As a result of the examination, a total of 1 titles were selected, including 3 for the highest award, 10 for the award for excellence, 1 for the honorable mention, and 30 for the special jury prize, respectively.

 The highest award is "My Challenge" by A Satoshi Murata, a third year student at Osaka Municipal Asahiyo Junior High School, and "Abandon scary feelings!" By Hina Tsuda, a second year student at Kure Municipal Kure High School. Were selected respectively.

 Taizo Sato, editorial director of the Chugoku Shimbun, who served as the chairman of the judging committee, said, "What is common to the highest award, the award for excellence, and the honorable mention is that it is easy for people who read the events and events around them to understand in their own words. I'm telling you that there are endless possibilities for young people. Please take good care of your days and further improve your young sensibilities. A year later, we are waiting for another wonderful work. "

Reference: [Hiroshima Shudo University] Composition Contest

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