Students of the Department of Management Information, Kanazawa Institute of Technology have developed "Kanazawa Hospitality Robot: OMOTEN" to supply water to runners for the Kanazawa Marathon 11 held on November 15th (Sun).A robot presentation was held at Kanazawa City Hall on November 2015nd (Monday) and was presented to Yukiyoshi Yamano and Mayor of Kanazawa (Chairman of the Kanazawa Marathon Organizing Committee).

Kanazawa Institute of Technology is conducting a support project for the Kanazawa Marathon as part of the Kanazawa City collaboration project, and was developed by the "Kanazawa Marathon Hospitality Robot Project" that the university is working on.A tray-shaped water supply robot moves in the running lane on the water supply station table and provides a water supply cup to runners running side by side.It is made with the aim of making a kit that anyone can make so that not only runners but also the audience can enjoy it.

This robot has a water supply cup sensor (starts running when the water supply cup is placed) and a running sensor (the sensor on the bottom recognizes the white line and moves in the running lane so that the runner can supply water smoothly, even if it goes off the lane. Four sensors: a sensor detects and returns to the lane), a stop sensor (recognizes the stop line when the cup is not on and stops), and a collision avoidance sensor (avoids collision between robots and keeps a certain distance). Is installed.The students were particular about the exterior of the robot and designed as many as five types of exteriors.Unique designs such as sushi and crabs will entertain the viewer.

Source:[Kanazawa Institute of Technology] Robots provide runners with water cups.The "Kanazawa Hospitality Robot: OMOTEN" presentation developed by students for the Kanazawa Marathon 2015 was held at Kanazawa City Hall.

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