The work "kokoromo" by a student of the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, Toyo University won the Grand Prix at the "School of Asia" from schools all over the world at the ASIA AWARDS School Works Exhibition at Tokyo Design Week 2015.

Tokyo Design Week is an event where companies, brands, designers, and schools present their works from the four genres of design, art, music, and fashion, and people can experience cutting-edge creativity. This year, which celebrates its 30th anniversary, participants presented unique works under the theme of "interactive".Among them, at the ASIA AWARD School Works Exhibition, works from schools around the world will be exhibited in the outdoor space and indoor tents inside the venue, competing for design and creative power.The Grand Prix winning works will be exhibited at Milano Salone, one of the world's largest design trade fairs in Italy.
At the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, Toyo University, which won the Grand Prix this time, we aim to develop human resources who are involved in architecture and towns, learn the joy of designing and the joy of making, and at the same time have management skills that will be useful in the future.In addition, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, where the campus is located, is designated as a preservation area for traditional buildings, and it is also a place where you can see unique culture and architecture. At the same time, we are also working on town planning based on history and culture.

Source:[Toyo University] The work of the Department of Architecture won the "School of ASIA" Grand Prix

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