The University of Tokushima (Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture) has begun offering "halal food," a dish that follows Islamic rules, for international Muslim students.In response to the requests of international students, we have not been certified by the NPO Japan Haral Association, but we are pleased to have international students from the Islamic world check the cooking methods and ingredients.

Halal food is offered at the school cafeterias "Emiri" and "Sanjo" on the Tsunemishima campus. From April, "Emiri" offers chicken curry and chicken stroganoff on a weekly basis, limited to 4 meals a day. "Sanjo" started selling meat dishes and kebabs in the Middle East from June.Halal food cup noodles are lined up at the shop.

The University of Tokushima has about 210 international students, of whom about 50 are from Islamic countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.Until now, there have been calls from international students to provide halal food, but we have not introduced it because we have to use different cooking utensils and it is costly to procure ingredients.

At the end of 2014, the university interviewed international students from the Islamic world and found that they were hungry because they only ate rice balls and udon noodles, except for students who brought their lunches from home.Furthermore, in a questionnaire survey of all international students in January 2015, some respondents answered that they could not eat at the school cafeteria for religious reasons.Therefore, in consultation with the University Cooperative, we decided to provide halal food to deal with even a small number as soon as possible.

The provision of halal food in the school cafeteria is spreading nationwide as the number of international Islamic students increases.According to the summary of the National University Cooperative Association, it was offered at 2012 universities such as Kyoto University, Tohoku University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Waseda University, and Ritsumeikan University at the end of 20, and it seems that the number of universities offering it has been increasing since then.
* Halal food Halal means "permitted" and "legal" in Arabic, and refers to dishes recognized by Islamic precepts.Pork and alcohol are forbidden, and seasonings containing them, fried pork oil, and cooking utensils are not allowed to be eaten.

Source:[The University of Tokushima] About the provision of halal food

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