The event "Musashi Halloween" produced by students of the Oka Seminar of the Faculty of Economics, Kanazawa Seiryo University was held on October 2019, 10 in the Musashi area where the Omimachi Market and Meitetsu Mza in Kanazawa City are located.On the day of the event, a new product "Musashi Halloween Limited Donuts" developed by the students in collaboration with "Western Confectionery Studio Dolce Campagne" was also on sale.

 The student-produced "Musashi Halloween" was held as part of the "Hoshidai Collaboration Project" based on the regional partnership agreement concluded between Kanazawa Seiryo University and the Kanazawa Central Shopping District Musashi Revitalization Council.In this project, the students of Oka Seminar, who will be the contact point for the agreement, will play a central role in activities to revitalize the Musashi district shopping district and promote community development while utilizing the knowledge learned in classes and seminars such as hospitality management and event management. ing.

 At the event, there will be a "Balloon Art" workshop where you can put stickers, draw pictures with magic, and make an original balloon that is unique in the world. And so on.

 Among them, the students focused on the "Musashi Halloween Limited Donuts", a collaboration product with "Western confectionery studio Dolce Campagne".While feeling the weight of selling at the Omicho market called "Kanazawa's kitchen", the students repeated discussions with the store and started making "doughnuts that children can eat with peace of mind".A moist food with the flavor of maple syrup, which is made by kneading sweet potatoes from Gorojima Kintoki and diced sweet pumpkin, without using any of the colorful artificial colorings that are common in Halloween. We completed a new product with a feeling one week before the event.Regarding the number of pieces to be sold on the day, some locals said, "It's hard to sell 1 pieces. I think it's okay to buy 100 pieces." It was a great success.Dolce Campagne's manager Tokuda said, "We can't sell that much even if we're professionals. You guys are amazing." Initially, it was a one-day limited sale, but it will be on sale as a seasonal product until the end of November. became.

 The student who planned the event said, "Many people smiled, and when I took a picture together, shook hands, and gave a high five, everything was a happy moment. I used to think it was impossible. I feel that I was able to act positively and freely, and I felt like I wasn't myself, but I was able to become a true self. I feel that I have come closer to the essence of "hospitality" to make people happy. "

 In the future, the students of the Oka Seminar will continue to carry out regional surveys in the Musashi area and connect the issues that have come to light this time to the planning for 2020.

Reference: [Kanazawa Seiryo University] Sweets development & event production!

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