Of the students in the world who are enrolled in the doctoral program at the graduate school, 75% are satisfied with going on to school, but nature research is suffering from problems such as research funds, research time, and bullying in the laboratory. I found out in the investigation.

 According to Nature Research, the survey was conducted on approximately 6,300 doctoral students around the world.The breakdown is 36% in Europe, 27% in North and Central America, and 28% in Asia.The breakdown of Asia is Japan 5%, China 40%, India 29%, South Korea 5%, etc.

 75% of the students were satisfied with going on to school, and 71% answered that they were "generally satisfied with their research life."However, various anxieties that hinder research life have been raised from the answers of the students.

 21% of the respondents answered that they were bullied by their academic advisors and colleagues in the laboratory. 21% said they had discrimination or harassment.36% of students have consulted about anxiety disorders and depression caused by research activities. 20% had a separate job to make a living. A little less than 50% are concerned about the remaining bad habits of long working hours at universities.

 As for the future, 56% said they would like to pursue academic research.The most popular was research at academic research institutes, followed by research in industry.However, there were also conspicuous voices saying that research funding and work-life balance are obstacles to establishing a career.

reference:[Nature Research] Nature's survey of doctoral students highlights issues of mental health, harassment, and student loans.

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