It was revealed that the artificial intelligence "Higashi Robo-kun" of the National Institute of Informatics, which aims to enter the University of Tokyo, challenged the National Center Test for University Admissions at a major prep school and achieved a good result with a deviation value of 57.8.Although it has not yet passed the University of Tokyo, 33 schools and 39 faculties at national and public universities, 441 schools and 1,055 faculties at private universities have a pass probability of 80% or more.

According to the National Institute of Informatics, Torobo-kun received the "2015 Shinken Mock Test Comprehensive Academic Achievement Mark Mock Test June" by Benesse Corporation (Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture) and received a total of 6 points in 5 subjects and 8 subjects. bottom.The national average is 511 points, which is nearly 416.4 points higher than the average.By subject, Mathematics IA recorded a deviation value of 100, Mathematics IIB 64.0, and World History B 65.8, with a deviation value of 66.5 or more in three subjects.Of these, mathematics showed significant growth, with deviations of 3 and 60 in 2014.
At the "2/2015 2016st (August) University of Tokyo Entrance Examination Practical Examination" conducted by Surugadai Gakuen Surudai Preparatory School (Tokyo) for the second examination held in the essay ceremony, geography history (world history), mathematics ( When I took the three subjects of (mathematical literature) and (mathematical science), I got a score of 1 in the world history, which was my first challenge.

Torobo-kun is the name of artificial intelligence that is being researched and developed in the project "Do robots enter the University of Tokyo?" Started in 2011 by the National Institute of Informatics.Research on artificial intelligence began in earnest in the 1960s, and research has been subdivided since the 1980s, but this project is underway for the purpose of reintegrating this.The National Institute of Informatics aims to achieve good results in the National Center Test for University Admissions by 2016 and to pass the University of Tokyo entrance exam by 2021.

Source:[National Institute of Informatics] NII Artificial Intelligence Project "Do robots enter the University of Tokyo?" / Deviation value of center test mock exam 57.8 / Deviation value exceeded 3 in a total of 60 subjects of mathematics and world history

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