On December 2019, 12, Originator Co., Ltd., which has the advantage of introducing human resources for foreign science and engineering students, announced the results of a survey on company selection and career plans for foreign science and engineering students.

 The survey was conducted from September to November 2019, targeting registrants of the foreign student employment information site "Ryukatsu".Most of the 9 respondents are highly educated and high-level Japanese science and engineering foreign students, and this survey reveals the career orientation of this group.

 First of all, in the survey on the industries that want to get a job, the majority of manufacturers in the past accounted for about 30%, which covered all fields including IT, services, and finance.Next, when asked what to focus on when choosing a company, "I have a relationship with my home country, such as having a base in my home country" (15.7%) and "I have a track record of hiring foreign employees" (12.4%). It turned out that it was not so important.It was also found that those who wish to be a manufacturer are less particular about their work location.
 When asked how long they would like to work for one company when they got a job at a Japanese company, about half (1%) of the students answered "I want to work for one company as long as possible", which is overwhelmingly medium- to long-term. It turned out that there are many foreign students in science and engineering who think about their careers from the perspective of Japanese corporate culture.On the other hand, about half (47.0%) of the workplace conditions for long-term work in Japan were "clear criteria for promotion / salary increase", and the tendency was stronger for those who wished to work in an urban area.
 The strengths that international students think are "understanding the cultures and customs of their home country and Japan" (67.2%), followed by "having language skills such as their native language and Japanese" (59.0%).Especially in the IT industry, having multiple sources of information is a considerable strength.

 Finally, when asked about their anxieties about finding a job in Japan, nearly 8% of the respondents said that they were not confident in Japanese, such as honorifics, even though they were advanced in Japanese level (53.0%). became.In addition, "a workplace with a reliable relationship and a good atmosphere" (67.6%) ranked first as a condition for a workplace that wants to work for a long time in Japan.It seems important to provide an environment where it is easy for the Japanese around to talk to each other.

reference:[Originator Co., Ltd.] Choosing a company and career plan for foreign science and engineering students who find employment in Japan

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